Earth Share of Texas and Audubon Foundation of Texas News

September marks the start of workplace campaigns for Earth Share of Texas
and other charitable organizations. If your workplace offers the Earth
Share option, that's where we'd like to urge you to direct your

And specifically, we'd like to encourage you to contribute to the Audubon
Foundation of Texas (AFT), one of Earth Share's member organizations.
AFT's mission is to support the National Audubon Society's 20 Texas
chapters. Among other things, it provides funding for new chapters just
getting off the ground. And it helps established chapters meet their
operating expenses.

The AFT also provides grants to support chapters' special projects. Some
recent grants include $1000 to Travis Audubon for work at Chaetura Canyon,
the Chapter's newest sanctuary. Big Country Audubon Society used a grant
to construct an observation blind in Abilene State Park. Other grants have
supported conservation work in Latin America. Working with the Houston
Audubon Society, AFT helped fund Ninos y Crias, an educational organization
in the Yucatan which works to protect Caribbean Flamingos and to encourage
sustainable development. And together with the Nature Conservancy, AFT
helped supported a conference of Central American researchers studying the
wintering grounds of the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler.

For a complete list of workplaces participating in the Earth Share
campaign, visit

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